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Keuka Lake

The “Just Right” Lake

I can’t deny that I love Keuka Lake. But why the “just right” lake? Because it is. It’s just right.

Canandaigua Lake is “too expensive” (although the views are grand!) and Seneca is “too cold” (although the wine is aplenty!). Keuka Lake is just right. I don’t think I’m the only one who feels this way. People get tattoos of Keuka Lake. I don’t see that happening for the others.

There are enough wineries on Keuka Lake that you can hit them all in one weekend, but not too many that wine tasting becomes tedious (does it ever?). The Keuka Lake Wine Trail holds several entertaining events through out the year.

Keuka is translated to “canoe landing” in Iroquois (the language spoken by none other than the Navative American Iroquois Tribe). I always thought it means crooked lake, but apparently that is a myth. Canoe landing it is then.

It is known for it’s Y shape, and Keuka is almost 20 miles long. Fun Fact: It’s the only Finger Lake that flows both north and south–it’s because it has 2 branches. One flows up (that would be The Outlet, which flows from the direction of Penn Yan toward Seneca Lake, one flows down into Keuka (that would be Sugar Creek in Branchport).

Three “major towns” on Keuka Lake are Penn Yan (on the north east branch), Branchport on the north west branch, and Hammondsport on the southern end. They aren’t major, really, they are small towns (especially Branchport) but the are Keuka’s anchor points and all are fine villages to spend any amount of time. Dundee isn’t far from the lake either, and Bath is a short drive as well.

Keuka Lake Bucket List

  • Swim Across Keuka Lake 21/04/2014
  • Union Block Italian Bistro - Hammondsport
  • Glenn H. Curtiss Museum
  • “Smoke on the Water” BBQ Competition - Hammondsport
  • Camping at Keuka Lake State Park
  • The Windmill