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Advertising Opportunities

myFingerLakesNY.com delivers blog content to an audience of readers who live in, visit, and love the Finger Lakes. My readers are interested in what’s happening from a local, knowledgeable perspective, and I provide handpicked content and recommendations.


The audience of myFingerLakesNY.com is people who live in the Finger Lakes, visit the Finger Lakes often, and love the Finger Lakes. This website aims at a target of readers who are here – whether permanent or temporary, and who genuinely love the experiences the Finger Lakes region has to offer.


I am open to invitations to try your product, service, or event and publicly post, Instagram, Tweet, Pin, and blog about my experience. After all, experience is really what this website is all about. Contact me if you have something for me ;) and please, for the love of gravity, don’t invite me to review your skydiving service.


125×125 Square “Sites I Love” Ad … $12/month

Large Square Ad … $30/month

Site Sponsorship … $250/month

If you’re interested in marketing opportunities, click here to contact me through my contact form.