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I’ve always wanted to check out Spook Hill in Middlesex, on the western side of Yates County near Canandaigua Lake. This is in the Central Part of the Finger Lakes region. And what better time to explore Spook Hill and the Finger Lakes than October? Am I right?

(Keep scrolling for the video!)

Legend has it that if you put your car in neutral at a certain spot on Newell Road in Middlesex, Native American spirits (whose bodies are buried near by) will push your car back up the hill.

So is there any truth to this?

Well, yes there is a Native American burial ground near by – just down the road on the hair pin turn on North Vine Valley Rd near the lake. To ensure you are completely creeped out as your read this post and watch the video I made, you should know that about 100 years ago, a gentleman unearthed (er, dug in to) a Native American who was sitting halfway up with a pipe in his hand (source! – this is legit!).

The Vine Valley Burial Ground is 1.4 miles down the South Vine Valley and South Lake Roads from Newell Road.

A more probable explanation, if Native American spirits don’t seem realistic, is that Spook Hill is an optical illusion. You’re going up, up, and up this big hill, and you come up to a peak… and then down. Like a crest, or a knoll (Watch the video to see what I mean).

And so when you get over that knoll a bit, and put your car in neutral, you would expect to continue to coast “down” the hill.

So — here is our exploration of Spook Hill in Middlesex. Let me know what you think the explaination is for this phenomenon in the comments. I’d love to hear about your experiences here.

If you decide to experience this phenomenon yourself, I advise you to read this post first as there are some safety considerations and this one for more info and exact coordinates of the phenomenon.

Spook Hill is one of those places in the Finger Lakes that you might hear about growing up, but never go check it out yourself. I recommend doing it! Don’t wait until October, you can spook yourself and your family out any time of the year.