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Yikes!!! I am a little nervous!! I’m not very athletic, and I hate wearing a swim suit in public, but I guess I’ll be fine. It sounds too crazy to be true (for me), but I am all registered to swim across the lake in the Krossin’ Keuka fundraising event this Saturday, July 27 at Keuka College.

I’d love it if you sponsored my swim! You can sponsor me online here (it’s easy!) – http://krossinkeuka.org/participant/meredith-marsh

Here’s why.

Krossin’ Keuka raises money for the Keuka Comfort Care Home in Penn Yan, which is, in my own words: a place where people go to die comfortably so their family can focus on life.

If you are familiar with Hospice or palliative, end of life care, then you know how important and valuable places like KCCH are in their communities. People spend their last months, weeks, days, hours, being cared for by trained volunteers (and nurses) – bathing, food, meds (important!), whatever they need to die in comfort and with dignity. And the families are able to focus on enjoying each other’s company and spending quality time together – because they don’t have to worry about the tiring task of caring for a dying person (it’s a lot of work!). They can just be together.

I have been on the Krossin’ Keuka Planning committee for 5 years (since the beginning!), and I’ve also volunteered at the Keuka Comfort Care home since it opened in 2007. Last October, my Grandmother passed away there.

As you can see, I have a lot of reasons to ask for support!! As a matter of fact, one of my blog readers has already sponsored me! Thanks, S.F.!!

What do ya say? Sponsor me here! –>