I have driven by Mac’s Drive-In on Route 5&20 in Waterloo probably over a thousand times in my life. It always looked intriguing but I never stopped. There was always someplace to be, and never time to check the place out.

Finally, a couple weeks ago, I convinced the Mr. to pull on in for a quick family dinner. He was skeptical about whether or not they actually serve you to your car, but he parked by a menu anyway. Sure enough, out comes a waitress. Win!

Mac's Drive In - Waterloo, NY In The Finger Lakes [inthefingerlakes.com]

Do you notice anything unusual about this sign? Like, maybe – the fact that it is hand painted? Each of their menus are that way, and by the looks of the entire place, they probably use the exact same pieces of plywood from when the place opened. Cool!

While we waited for or order (which took about 7.5 minutes, honestly – super quick), I snapped this photo and shared it with the In The Finger Lakes fans asking if they could guess where I was. I got over 50 comments! Clearly people love this place!

Where Am I? Mac's Drive-In!

We had grilled cheese, burgers, bbq sandwhiches, french fries, and soda. They do still use those trays that attach to your car window. Also original-looking.

Mac's Drive In - Waterloo, NY In The Finger Lakes [inthefingerlakes.com]

When was the last time you ate french fries that taste like… potatoes? Real, fresh-cut potatoes. That’s what they were. Calling them french fries almost seems insulting. They were deliciously fried strips of real potatoes and they were so good.

Mac's Drive In - Waterloo, NY In The Finger Lakes [inthefingerlakes.com]

I must say, as absurd as it may sound to have dinner in your car with a 2 year old and ketchup, it is nice to enjoy a meal when the child is strapped in. Really, you should try it.

Mac's Drive In - Waterloo, NY In The Finger Lakes [inthefingerlakes.com]

The look of the place really borders between “original” and “rundown” but more on the original side. It is definitely worth a stop. It was quick, it was delicious, and it was fun.

You should check out their website (which is also pretty retro-looking, as far as websites go! : ) )