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Right now, it is the. perfect. time. for. strawberries. It simply does not get any perfecterer(er). Last weekend I stopped at Seneca Breeze on Earl’s Hill Rd in Bellona–I’d never been before and they have a unique way of growing their berries. Their strawberries are grown in HydroStackers, which means you can pick strawberries without kneeling or bending. Wow. Mind = Blown.

Hydroponic Strawberries in the Finger Lakes

They were open for picking (although I got there just before close), but I had my kids with me and decided I’d end up paying for more demolished strawberries than I could afford, so they stayed in the car while I bought 2 already-pick-quarts. Oh, and there’s the electric fence… not sure if it is on while people are there picking, but… anyway, the kids stayed in the car. These folks are serious about keeping deer, birds, and humans out of their berry patch!

View of Seneca Lake from Seneca Breeze

If you come down Earl’s Hill Road from Bellona, you’ll see a nice view of Seneca Lake. Those skid marks? Probably people who saw strawberries and did a quick youie (U-turn). (youie’s are not recommended. I in fact, did a K-turn).

If you’re coming from Route 14 along Seneca Lake, look for these signs:

Seneca Breeze Strawberries in the Finger LakesSeneca Breeze Strawberries in the Finger Lakes

I bought 2 quarts and the berries were small-medium size and in great shape. Not quite as sweet as I’d like, but it’s cool – I hulled them and let them soften for a couple days.

So, what to do with your strawberries? Well, Strawberry Shortcake, for starters. I made strawberry shortcake and took the fixings to work to share with my officemates.

Strawberry Shortcake Biscuits

Do you have a biscuit recipe? No? Ask your grandma. Seriously – don’t even try to defy the laws of nature by googling it. Just ask your grandma. Someday you will wish you could ask her for her biscuit recipe. Now’s the time.


(they didn’t all come out as beautiful as that one)

The end result was a bunch of happy co-workers enjoying in-season strawberries on homemade biscuits. #yum

strawberry shortcake

What are you doing with strawberries this year? My next project: Jam. Jam for the next 12 months is my goal!