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Confession: For me, blogging is an excuse to go out and do fun stuff, explore my “backyard”, and play with my camera.

I am intentional about exploring the Finger Lakes because I regret not exploring more of the other amazing places I have lived. I always procrastinated and thought “I’ll go do that sometime… but not today“.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to explore one of those “someday we’ll do that” places with my family: Fillmore Glen State Park in Moravia.

Every year in early October, we go for a family hike. We call it a Birthday Hike as it is one of the ways we celebrate my husband’s birthday (last year it was Grime’s Glen, Naples.)

This is not a blog post entirely about the park (that will come later), or the old cemetery where soldiers from the Revolutionary War are buried (that will come later too), or the replica cabin of Millard Fillmore’s birth place (he was our 13th President) (and the blog post will definitely come later too). Although you can see a few sneak peeks below, all those things deserve their own blog post.

Today, though, I want to show you how we drove through a waterfall. 

Yes, really.

Driving Through a Waterfall at Fillmore Glen State Park; Moravia, NY

The gorge at Fillmore Glen comes down and sort of splits the park in half. There’s a foot bridge to cross it, but the road and the gorge meet on the same level, and you have to drive through it.

Driving Through a Waterfall at Fillmore Glen State Park; Moravia, NY

It’s pretty dang cool if you ask me… so we broke out the GoPro to show you.

One of the great purposes of my blog is to encourage YOU to go out and do stuff in the finger lakes.

We live in an amazing part of the world, if you ask me.

Writing and sharing my adventures and photos on the blog is so much fun (best hobby ever!).

But how can I reach through the screen, get in your face, and remind you: THIS PLACE IS AWESOME! Get out there! Take your kids to a drive-in restaurant! Go make a glass Christmas ornament! Go drink some world class wine or beer!

HECK, YOU GUYS… Go jump in the lake! Pick one… Or do all eleven!

Life is short. You live in the most beautiful place on Earth. Times a wastin’, as they say.

And if you don’t live here, you know exactly what I’m talking about. You know because you miss it. All of it. Even the snow (ok that might be pushing it). You know exactly how special this corner of America is.

So I’ve been thinking of ways to get some of the content of my blog off the internets and into your face.

So what I’m doing is designing a photo calendar. A real one – on paper and everything.

The photo calender includes my photos, some taken with my “real” camera (boy do I have story about my “real” camera and the day it totally ticked me off) and some with my iPhone.

Going through my photos, I realize some have never been posted on the blog before, or even on social. They’re never before seen photos. Totally exclusive :)

The calendar will small and light weight (easily shipped!). It will fit nicely on your desk, on your mantel, in the mail, or in a Christmas stocking.

I’m in the design stages now. Working with the printer to decide on the perfect format.

Before I make a final decision I could really, really use your help. After all, I’m creating this for you!

Would you mind brainstorming with me? Which style calendar would you be most into?

Ok, now for the sneaky peeky!

This beautiful bridge is just one of the many lovely things you can find at Fillmore Glen State Park:

And this cemetery is kind of hidden, off the beaten path. Also, kinda creepy, and kinda awesome. I’m convinced this is where Halloween decoration designers get their inspiration. Plus, some of the folks buried here date back to the 1700s.

Dry Creek Cemetery - Fillmore Glen State Park; Moravia NY

Then there’s the cabin that is a replica of the birth place of Millard Fillmore. This is the back side actually (who would think to walk around back?). The inside is really neat, but this is just a sneak peek so this is all you get for now. :)

One more thing… here’s something I always wanted to try… photographing the motion of a waterfall with a slow shutter speed and all that. Good thing rocks make great tipods.

Cowsheds at Fillmore Glen State Park; Moravia, NY

I believe most of the Finger Lakes is at midway to peak fall foliage right now. It’s looking pretty good to me. How about you?