This is one of the neatest events in the Finger Lakes. 650 vintage, sports, and/or classic cars take part in the 6.6 mile tribute race. An excerpt from, notes that “The circuit was used for races from 1948 through 1952. Unchanged, it may be toured today as public roads. For those who were here in the early days, it is a sentimental journey. For those who have never been here, it is a lesson in motor racing history.”

The photo above, shared by Tony Holloway, is of Milliken’s Corner, which was part of the original road race circuit. Named for William F. Milliken’s 1948 rollover during the race that year, Milliken’s Corner is also referred to as “thrill corner.”  Milliken died this summer, at the age of 101 having lived an adrenaline pumping life as a test pilot and race car driver. Here is a great article about him from and a wikipedia entry as well. He contributed a lot to the world of engineering, and it’s really neat that he is part of Watkins Glen’s Racing History.


Milliken’s Corner in action during the road race, September 7th.

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“Pretty Cool”

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Rocking on the Rooftop

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