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I just couldn’t let that title go without a rhyme. Onward… It’s fun to look back at the year and all that occurred. Here on the blog, the most popular posts & pages published here in 2013 are…

1. Spook Hill – Middlesex, Yates County, NY [Video] 

2. You Gotta See This Big Doug’s Meaner Wiener Tribute Video

3. Photo Tour of Penn Yan’s Luxury Apartments at “Birkett Landing”

4. Exploring “The Bluff” of Keuka Lake

5. Luxury Cabin Overlooking Seneca Lake [Finger Lakes Adventure #1]

I see that 3 out of 5 of these are posts that feature a video, and the other two are very photo-heavy. I see how ya are. You like visuals. You need to be entertained.


Ok, that can be arranged, thanks to Santa. He brought me this bad boy for Christmas – the GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edtion. I’ve already made a home movie with it – and it will bore you to death so I’ll spare your life and not share it here. The GoPro is supposed to be for action sports like surfing and motocross and snowboarding and I don’t do anything even remotely similar to that. But my kids knocked it into the snow the first time I had it out – and I realized this thing is an excellent family video camera. I mean really… parenting is the ultimate extreme sport. I think you should buy one yourself.

I have a few ideas for ways to deliver Finger Lakes related content in video format, and I’m excited to get out and use the camera. Got any ideas? Let’s hear ’em in the comments below (I could really use some ideas).

Most Popular Instagram of 2013

This rock pile from Grimes Glen in Naples got 77 likes on my @fingerlakesny Instagram account. I got a lot of comments and replies on twitter from people who said Grimes Glen is a favorite in the Finger Lakes. And on Christmas, I rolled over 600 followers on Instagram, so you should follow me there as well. In the summer time, I was posting once a day, but that has slowed down a little lately…

Rock pile in Grimes Glen

Rock pile in Grimes Glen

Thanks for tagging along with me in 2013, and I hope you stick around for 2014 (and beyond!). Here’s to more fun Finger Lakes stuff. Cheers!

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