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This is a blog about interesting stuff happening in and around the Finger Lakes, right? A few months ago, I wrote a blog post about a new reality series on the Discovery Channel called “Amish Mafia”. Although the show was shot in Lancaster, PA, one of the cast members, Jolin Zimmerman, was from good old Penn Yan. I always know when the show is on because I get a surge in blog traffic from people searching for anything and everything “Jolin Zimmerman”. Who is he, does he have a girl friend, where is he from, is he really a Mennonite, yadda yadda.

Peeps, I wish I knew the answers. I really do. Because it seems no one knows the answers to those questions. Nearly everything I read about Jolin, in particular, is speculative. And to be completely honest… I don’t really care. I’m not looking to add any Mafia members to my circle of friends, and I already have a man with shot guns and a a big truck. That, and JZ is entitled to his privacy.

But here’s what I did. I contacted Hot Snakes Media, the production company behind Amish Mafia, to ask if I, as a local blogger, could interview Jolin. They forwarded me to Laurie Goldberg from the Discovery Channel. And the boss lady says… “Thanks for your interest, but Jolin will not be doing interviews at thus time.”


Last week, I was notified on Twitter that the “Jolin – amish mafia” Facebook page was fake and the “Amish Mafia – Jolin the Mennonite” was run by Jolin’s family and was in fact “real”. Okay, how do you go about proving that one? From what I can tell, I agree that “Jolin – amish mafia” is indeed not Jolin Zimmerman or anyone representing him. That’s not to say that “Amish Mafia – Jolin the Mennonite” is real. BUT, that page does post actual photos of Jolin not just photos from the show’s promotional material that can be copied and posted by any average fifth grader.

It sounds like Jolin isn’t allowed to have a Facebook page or Twitter account, or answer any questions, or talk to any other living person on the planet, apparently, per his Hot Snakes Media and Discovery Channel contracts (sell your soul, why dontcha). I know this is probably a tactic – the more people don’t know about him and other cast members, the more controversial the show is, the more people watch, the higher the ratings, yip yip, I get it.

Sorry to disappoint y’all. I’ll keep an eye out.

—Update — 3/11/13— Jolin’s girlfriend and where he got his famous back tattoo!

Jolin Zimmerman Amish Mafia back tattoo

Are you ready? I’m about to answer some burning Jolin Zimmerman questions!

Does JZ have a girlfriend? This is going to sound crazy, but stay with me here. I talked to someone (who I know) whose little sister’s cousin (you follow?) dated Jolin Zimmerman 8 or 9 years ago. I know that doesn’t actually answer the question, but it comes close(r). But wait, theres more –  Jolin got his back tattoo (and one on his arm) at her house! She said Jolin and his girlfriend used to hangout at her house often, and added that “he was a very VERY polite kid”.

What’s the deal with JZ’s back tattoo? I didn’t notice this before, but since looking at this photo and reading a little bit on the “real” JZ Facebook page, I noticed what’s under the big tattoo. The words below the image on JZ’s back say “Christopher J. Scott SPC”. Christopher Scott, from Dundee, NY was a Specialist in the Army and was killed in Afghanistan about 2 years ago. Jolin and Chris were friends, according to the aforementioned Facebook page.