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Been a while, huh?

I struggle to find things to post about in the Finger Lakes in the winter time, so this blog is usually pretty quiet this time of year.

I’m still here, I’m just hibernating. So here’s what I’ve been up to lately… Just to prove I am still around :-)

First of all, I cut my hair! Well, my hair stylist cut my hair… and I LOVE it. It’s short and light and it’s a style I had about a decade ago when I had time to blow dry. So in theory, I should look 10 years younger. Right?

And the reveal…

More like super serious car selfie…

Anyone like to build stuff out of wood? I built a desk a few weekends ago. 4 legs, some 1×3 skirting, a pine table top, and lots of pocket holes, and boom! I have a desk again.

Funny story. It might seem awesome to have your first name as your username on a social network like Instagram, but it’s actually a huge pain. It’s impossible to use it as a personal account, so I had some fun with it. Here’s something I shared on my personal Facebook yesterday:

True story.
I created a personal Instagram account literally the day Instagram launched. It’s the only social network I’ve ever gotten the user name “meredith”. But I didn’t use it much under that username, because I used @fingerlakesny account to build a blog audience for my Finger Lakes blog.
Over the years, I got tagged in random people’s photos, comments from people asking if they can have my username, password resets to my email every day, and people tagging my account as inactive.
Then Taylor Swift (who has 22.2 million Instagram followers) got a cat named Meredith.
And people started tagging me in pictures of Swifty’s cat.
So I deleted my photos and started posting as if I *am* Taylor Swift’s cat.
Sometimes I comment or like people’s photos and their response indicates they think I’m actually Taylor’s cat.
The funniest part is I really don’t like cats. Like, at all.
Tonight I reached 1000 followers just by re-gramming other people’s photos of Meredith The Cat.
All this to say, if you follow @meredith on Instagram and you wonder what in the world is going on, that’s what’s going on. :)

Next up, there is a new project I have been working on. I started a blog called GoProMom where my mission is to inspire cool moms and dads to create home movies that don’t suck. I post a new video every week, plus I’m on all the social channels as @gopromom, including youtube. If you fit that audience (cool moms and dads), please join me! If not, just ignore me :)

Since I’ve never been the on-camera type, there are a ton of out takes and weird moments like this one:

And I never realized how many facial expressions I have until I saw them on camera. Thank goodness for editing.

Here is a recent video post:

Lastly, yes it is winter in Upstate NY. If we all complain about it, we miss the beauty. Stop the negativity! Do I love winter? No. But for crying out loud… stop bitching complaining.

That’s all I got.

I’ll be back soon. I promise.