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Update 5/30/14: Well it’s been two solid weeks of selling shirts and hoodies. Here’s a status update:

We have made a profit of $6000!

That’s 276 orders, and over 500 shirts/hoodies. We have overwhelmed our friendly little neighborhood T-shirt shop but we’ll be scurrying to make sure everyone get’s their order in a timely fashion.

Let’s talk about the funds we raised.

As stated, we will donate 100% of the profit to flood relief in Penn Yan. We will do that once the store is closed, orders are processed, payments are  cleared, and everyone is happy (for example, when we’re confident no one will request a refund). For my own administrative and sanity reasons, the profits will be donated at one time.

We’ll be  closing down the store to T-shirt orders this afternoon. If you live in Penn Yan and would like to purchase one later, you can go to Flying Colors (on Main St.) and ask (nicely). They have the design and they have our permission to print and sell them (and they will donate the profit as well).

Some folks have requested we sell stickers. I have a limited number on order and will sell some online (same store) when I get them. Stay tuned!

Oh, one more thing (I almost forgot!):

Bill Middlebrook's Chump Car

Last weekend, Bill Middlebrook put our design on his Chump Car Race Car (hood, sides, back, and the trailer too!), and made a donation to our fundraiser. I think that’s pretty dang awesome!


In my last post, I shared a bunch of photos I had taken of the flood damage in Penn Yan as well as photos I sourced from friends.

Last Friday though, I was stuck at home with one of my sick kids, and wasn’t able to get out there and help with cleanup. And long story short, my sister Alison and I designed a pretty cool T-shirt and opened an online T-shirt store as a fundraiser for fund relief. It was kind of a whirlwind–We had the design finalized by 10am and the store was open by 2:30pm. We got our first order immediately, and by midnight, we had made a profit of $1000.

T-Shirt Back

Did you buy one yet? We had over 200 customers in 4 days! You can get one here.

It’s a little (a lot) overwhelming the number of orders we’ve had in such a short period of time. We have our work cut out for us once they are printed. We have yet to confirm a pick up location for our buyers, and we have about 160 to send out in the mail.

I’ve gotten several emails from people asking about funds and who is going to get the money, and I thought this would be a good place to give a little report.

I set the cart up to that T-shirt customers could choose where the profits of their purchase are donated to. I listed some of the affected restaurants, some of the affected families that I knew about, and some organizations.

I don’t have a 501c3 organization handy, so I set up the store under my own business, FLX Creative (a web design business). I will admit I was a little hasty in getting this going, as I wanted to start raising money ASAP! Once the ball got rolling and orders were coming in, I realized (DUH) the IRS is going to be more than happy to see that I have made so much extra income to tax in 2014.

Not good, right? :)


While I fully intend to make sure the profits from the shirts go to the selected locations/people/organizations, I will have to work with a non-profit organization in order to make that happen. I have contacted one, and I’m hoping they’ll be able to work with me so I can write some big fat checks to folks who really need our help (and your help, if you bought a shirt!).

I put the first T-shirt order in to Flying Colors in Penn Yan this morning – we have 314 shirts and hoodies being printed this week. I also ordered some extra, so that we can sell some on-the-spot if we have an opportunity.

I’m waiting on confirmation for the location we hope to use Saturday morning to T-shirt pickups (I’m hoping to get the Fire House)

As of this morning, 5/19/14, our profit is about $3800.

I am not sure how long we’ll continue to take orders. And I’m not just saying that to get you to order right now, I’m just saying I don’t know how long we can keep going like this :)

T-Shirt Front