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Let me tell you about one of my favorite treasures of all time.

Actually, let me show you.

Old Family Photo scanned by Challenge Imaging in Ithaca - InTheFingerLakes.com

My Great Grandmother, Helena

I have been fascinated with family history ever since I am across a box of old photos in high school.

I mean… Really old photos. Like, “the turn of the century” old (the first mass-marketed camera [the “brownie”] wasn’t available until 1900).

My collection of century-old family photos has grown over the last 15 years, and I always intended to scan and organize what I had.

My Great Grandfather, far left. The little boy is my Grandfather.

But scanning photos is monotonous, and quickly becomes a bigger job than can be completed in an afternoon.

So: Challenge Imaging in Ithaca to the rescue!

Challenge Imaging in Ithaca has a great service, where they’ll scan photos and documents. They’ll send you the originals and a DVD of the scanned files.

So… I gathered up a bunch of photos (like several hundred) and put them in envelopes they provided (I could have used the white gloves they provided, but I didn’t).

Box-o-photos packed up to send to Challenge Imaging in Ithaca

Then I placed them all in the provided box, and shipped it off to Ithaca.

Yes, I shipped my most beloved material treasures in the mail.

Within a couple of weeks, the fabulous team had scanned all my photos (including this really big one). They send me the copies on DVD, along with my originals. Everything came back exactly the way I sent it, all the photos in their respective envelope and everything. I was impressed.

Originals returned, with DVD files.

They also Dropboxed my files to me, which was extremely convenient. If you don’t have a Dropbox account, you should get one here (it’s free).

Not all the photos I sent were 100 years old, some were more recent. Here’s me at roughly 3 years old.

Photo scanned by Challenge Imaging in Ithaca - InTheFingerLakes.com

I don’t bore you with any more old family photos (I have another blog for that ;) but I DO want you to have an opportunity to preserve your own.

Challenge Imaging has a special offer for readers of this blog. You can purchase Family Photo Archiving for 10% off only by clicking through this link.

Additionally, Challenge Imaging in Ithaca has graciously offered 1 “Family Collection” Photo Archiving Service, a $295 value – to give away here my blog! That’s 1,500 photos, slides and documents scanned in Ithaca (they scan front and back, btw!), and sent back to you.

If you’re worried about sending your valuable family photos off… well… I did it. And I’m not kidding when I say these are some of my most prized possessions. They took very good care of them, and I would do it again and again.

So to get 10% either the “Personal” or “Family” sized photo archiving service, click here.

To enter to win family archiving for up to 1500 photos and documents, enter below.

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Thanks to Challenge Imaging for providing this prize, and also for providing this service for me to review on inthefingerlakes.com. Opinions are my own.