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Guys, venturing to Blue Cross Arena in Rochester is kind of a pain in the buns. Traffic, parking, walking, waiting in line, going to the bathroom, finding seats, buying toys, buying popcorn & cotton candy, buying soda (why don’t they sell popcorn and soda at the same place? WHYYYY???).

Luckily, going to Disney On Ice is worth all the hassle! I took both my girls on opening night (Wednesday) so we had a girls-only date night.

I was stressing out a little because we were running a little behind due to traffic near Blue Cross Arena. I thought there would be no parking for us, but there ended up being a TON of parking, even though we got into the parking lot only 10 minutes before the show. It costs $7 to park in the lot across Court St. from Blue Cross Arena, and it’s not a far walk at all.

The show was great, as always. Lots of lights and music and very fast-paced. Both of my kids (ages 9 and 4) were captivated the whole time. There were the expected characters like Mickey and Minnie, plus the princesses (except Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)… which didn’t go unnoticed by my 4-year-old). There were no Frozen characters, however (another detail that didn’t go unnoticed by the littles). BUT, we were really surprised to see all the toy characters from Toy Story! Buzz Light Year, Woody, Jessie, all of them, including the Piggy Bank! On Skates!! We were really impressed by that. :)

The Disney on Ice show is on at Blue Cross Arena in Rochester through this Sunday, Jan. 3. There are a whole bunch of show times – click here to see times and buy tickets. If you do, let me know what you think about it!

Here are some more photos from the show.

My family’s tickets to Disney on Ice: Let’s Celebrate! presented by Stonyfield YoKids Organic Yogurt were provided to you by Feld Entertainment.