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A few weeks ago, I had an epiphany. I was bored and fishing for fun things to do in the Finger Lakes. So I asked my Facebook and Twitter followers to choose my next Finger Lakes adventure.

Zip lining was one reply. I still haven’t found any place for zip lining, so if you know of some place in the Finger Lakes, point them to me.

One thing I added myself:

Chocolate Cabernet Ice Cream

Which I did do last weekend (suggestion: follow me on Instagram):

Chocolate Cabernet Ice Cream - @fingerlakesny on Instagram

So anyway, the epiphany was not wine ice cream, no. It was the idea that you could choose my next Finger Lakes adventure. After all, the purpose of this blog is that I do fun stuff in the Finger Lakes and then blog about it.

SO! A friend of mine who manages vacation rentals in the Finger Lakes suggested I take an overnight at Castle Point Paradise and blog about it.

hot tub at Castle Point Paradise


As a matter of fact, I do want to stay there and blog about it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Choose My Next Finger Lakes Adventure #1…

Castle Point Paradise

So my overnight getaway at Castle Point Paradise has been nailed down, but I need your help with what to do! Dinner, Wine Tasting, and what else?

Where should we dine?
Where should we taste?
What else should we do?

We’d like to stick to the West side of Seneca Lake from Geneva to Watkins Glen, because we don’t want to spend too much time driving.

Please please help! Comment below, or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Here’s your chance to tell me what to do.