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Looking to spice up your social feed this year? Whatever your preferred social platform, here is my list of 14 Finger Lakes People You Should Follow. These are in no particular order- all are equally worthy of your likes and follows.

1. Stu Gallagher – Photographer

Stu Gallagher - Finger Lakes

Stu Gallagher via http://instagram.com/p/evdm5blIVe/

Stu is a fantastic photographer, and does a lot of work for Finger Lakes wineries, hence his social feeds being chock full of Finger Lakes goodness.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StuartGallagherPhotography
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NikonStu
Instagram: http://instagram.com/stu_gallagher
Website: http://www.gallagherlandscapes.com/

2. Nathan Baker – Finger Lakes Entertainment

Nathan Baker - Finger Lakes

Nathan Baker via https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3246817616857&set=t.1640361509&type=3&theater

I once told Nate I wish I could be a Finger Lakes DJ so I could party it up every weekend, all over the best event destinations in the Finger Lakes. What a cool job, right? Nate is all over social media, and following one or all of his accounts won’t leave you disappointed.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fledj
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fledjcom
Instagram: http://instagram.com/nthnbaker
Website: http://www.fingerlakesentertainment.com/

3. Drew Montreuil – Weather Guy

Finger Lakes Weather

via https://www.facebook.com/fingerlakesweather

Drew provides detailed forecasts and weather info for the Finger Lakes Region on his Facebook page and website. Do you ever watch the news from Rochester, Syracuse, or Elmira, and notice that the FLX weather is sort of and afterthought? Drew is right here, and tracking the weather right here in the Finger Lakes. His Facbeook updates are in plain English, easy to understand, and his images are easy to read.

4. Wood-Tex NY

Wood-Tex Products

via http://instagram.com/p/fkjYxVJb8W/

I’ll be honest with you: I work for Wood-Tex and I manage these accounts. All the more reason to follow, right? Right?? Although Wood-Tex is a nationwide company, Wood-Tex’s headquarters are based right in the middle of the Finger Lakes  – in Himrod, on Route 14 (between Geneva and Watkins Glen). We make storage sheds, prefab garages, horse barns, cabins, and a bunch more stuff. We have our own Instagram and Twitter accounts for the New York branch.

5. Steve Bennett

Steve Bennett

via http://instagram.com/stevemfb


@Stevemfb‘s account is pretty much all beer, sunrises & sunsets, and country roads. All in the Finger Lakes, of course. I feel like it’s better described in photos than words, to please check him out on Instagram. He is also @stevemfb on Twitter, but he doesn’t post much. Better stick to Instagram.

6. John Kucko – Sports Anchor


John Kucko

via http://instagram.com/johnkucko

You wouldn’t know it looking at his photo above, but @johnkucko is a Sports Anchor at CBS in Rochester. I will admit, I’m not at all into sports. AT. ALL. But his Instagram feed is still pretty great.

7. Will Morgan – News Photographer

Will Morgan

via http://instagram.com/p/cpsZqyyVZ2/

Will is a news photographer at 13Wham in Rochester. His Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds are fantastic because they provide a behind-the-scenes view of whatever he’s helping report on. The best part is, you get the news before The News. Know what I mean? I would recommend you follow any reporter on Roc, Syr, and Elmira to be in the know but Will is a photographer. So his feeds are naturally more visually interesting.

8. Greg Cotterill – News Guy

In sticking with newsy stuff, why not follow an actual Finger Lakes News guy? https://twitter.com/GregCotterill

9. Chris Clemens – Exploring the Burned Over District
I like to read about history-related Finger Lakes, and find Chris’ (and his co-blogger, Luke) website pretty fascinating. This and this are some of my favorite posts.

Chris also helped me with the following three must-follows:

10. Heather McKay – Photographer https://twitter.com/Mckaysphoto
11. Slowroadtravel – A documentary series sustaining community, preserving the past, and exploring America’s roads less traveled. (Based in Rochester) https://twitter.com/Slowroadtravel
12. Steve Carter – A popular Instagrammer (29K Followers!) based in Rochester. http://instagram.com/Stevecarter/

13. @FingerLakesNY / InTheFingerLakes
Me again. Just want to make sure you follow on all the platforms, ya know?

14. You? Help me make sure I’m following you – share your linkage in the comments. Also share any Finger Lakes Favorites you think I should be following. Thanks!